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Aug 29, 2020

Gary Andrews

Gary graduated in 1983 at Exeter College of Art and Design with BA (Honor) Degree in Graphic Design. He would do some freelancing for two years starting in 1987 and did some commercials before having a stint in Disney UK in 1989. He currently owns a company called Egotrip Media in the UK. Egotrip Media has become a force over the last five years or so in all forms of entertainment. Gary has been working as a Director for Avenging Angel (2001), 12th Night (2005), The Spirit Of Albion (2012), Lady In The Woods (2013), Q Pootle 5 (2013), Jack O'Lantern (2014) and Tales Of Albion (2014).  

About Gary's new book 'Finding Joy'. From learning how to juggle his kids' playdates and single-handedly organising Christmas, to getting used to the empty side of the bed, Gary's honest and often hilarious illustrations have touched the hearts of thousands on social media.


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