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Oct 1, 2020

Eva Bay Greenslade


A little about me, I am 39, a mum of four, two grown-up babies, and two still growing.

I am passionate about women feeling empowered, informed, and positive about their birth experience.  I feel my aim is that every woman will look back on her birth and have no regrets, feel that she did all she could, and feel positive about her experience.  I am also passionate about encouraging parents to think about their fourth trimester, and creating an easier positive supportive experience for parents and baby that is best for their needs. 

Ever since I had my first baby I knew I wanted to somehow help other parents.  I knew I wanted to be a doula after attending my sister's home birth.  My niece Nixie's birth was the most amazing experience to be a part of, and it helped that the midwife suggested I become a doula without knowing my thoughts on walking the doula path.


I have undergone Breastfeeding / Feeding volunteer Peer Support Training and spent time volunteering on the postnatal ward and in the community. I have also breastfed all my babies long term so understand fully the stresses, strains, and loveliness breastfeeding brings.

You will see I have a huge interest in how spirituality can aid pregnancy and birth preparation, because it is what empowered me with my own births, and I see it help others too, and whilst I lean towards shamanic and nature pathway approaches, I have seen these deep connections throughout many religious paths, supporting different families with different religious beliefs.  I always come back to feeling that good birth preparation is doing anything positive that aids your trust and belief in your body and yourself. 

As your doula I will support you and your family in doing what is right for you, during your pregnancy and birth,  to help enable you a positive birth experience, I will also provide important postnatal nurture and support. It will all depend on what you want and need. I do have a passion in using meditation, in pregnancy and labour to help you connect to your experience more, as I found it helped me during the births of my own children.   I find meditation can help you to let go and be in the zone allowing your body to do its job creating a more empowering experience. I also feel meditation in pregnancy helps you connect with your changing body and the new life growing within you, which I feel has a possible effect on trusting your body and baby when it comes to birth as well as being able to be in ‘the zone’ naturally to birth instinctively.

Being a doula is an absolute honour. If you are interested in meeting up or have any questions I will look forward to meeting you.



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