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Feb 14, 2020

Greg Draven

 Greg Draven

A great interview with Greg as he talks about his acting work, his druidry and his special work as Santa Claus. He spoke about his work on Justice League, about his time as Hagrid and his life as a family man.

Greg was born in Eastbourne in 1976. He has always sought ways to entertain people and make them laugh, or sometimes cry.

At a young age he attended stage school at the Brighton Drama Centre for two years. Landing the principal role of Jackdaw in their theatre production of The Long March To Jerusalem.

Greg needed an outlet for performing, and around 15 years ago joined a small troupe of drummers called Pentacle Drummers.

Greg helped drive the Pentacle Drummers forward, promoting their presence, creating their website, social media channels and performing all out to entertain the crowds. Soon Pentacle Drummers were to become the premiere drumming troupe in Sussex and beyond..

His passion for acting was reignited after being cast as the Viking drummer in the award Winning 2010 Florence and The Machine music Video for Dog Days.

Over the last few years Greg’s roles have grown in visibility. He’s played Rubeus Hagrid for Warner Brothers, the evil Woodsman in Horror movie 13 Graves, the cuddly band member in the latest Haribo TV Commercial as well as bringing the magic of Yule to hundreds of children by portraying Santa.

Greg now earns his living as a professional actor, presenter, host and MC.

Greg also still performs with the Pentacle Drummers when his schedule allows.

His journey with acting continues with this aim; to be the best actor he can be & to support his family through his love of performing.

Greg’s journey with Druidry began at The Longman Of Wilmington, where he and his now wife Nicky, ventured up there for a picnic. Eventually dozens and dozens of others showed up too, which they thought was interesting.

What started as a picnic ended with Greg and Nicky being introduced to the world of Druidry, a world which Greg has a great love for. Greg’s journey with Druidry continues through his love of acting, perhaps sometimes even channeling The Bard - Taliesin (Not Willy Shakespere), finding inspiration in characters he portrays and brings to life.

Greg’s Druidry is deeply personal to him and while he holds a fond love of it, never preaches or uses his Druidry as a defining feature; but rather it’s part of who he is and is not what he does.


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